Calligraphy Services

The art of handwritten calligraphy adds a beautiful and personal touch to any event or piece of art.  We love working with you to bring any of your creative visions to life.

Home Decor & Gift Giving

For the home, we can create canvas and wood art pieces to showcase a favourite song lyric, quote, or family name.   Any gift giving item can be personalized with calligraphy.  You name the item, and I will find the perfect way to customize it.  To finish off, hand-painted watercolour wrapping paper for any occasion. 

For Businesses

Show your customers you care with some of these personalized ideas:

Hosting an event?  How about some live on-site calligraphy to customize a take home for your customers.    

Menus, place cards or favours for corporate events or dinners

On-site calligraphy for seasonal or special feature wall decals, murals and window displays

Personalized thank you cards

Weddings & Events

There is a wide variety of options of how to include modern calligraphy in your event.  Here are a few stand out items that really make a statement.

Envelope Addressing

Place cards, Escort cards and Menus

Large Seating Charts & Signage

Bridal Party Gifts & Card

Handwritten Vows & much more…



All of Jillian’s products are 100% customized and unique to each individual client. Jillian is a creative artist and prides herself on her ability to lend a personal touch to her products.

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